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High Cost Performance Scanner for Small and Medium Sized labs

Product Specifications

Capacity20 slides
Scan methodArea scanning with autofocus
Scan AreaAutomatic identification/Manual selection
Scan ModeSingle layer/Muti-layer Fusion/Z-stack
Light SourceLED
ResolutionUp to 0.17μm/pixel
Scanning Speed≤45s
ObjectivePLAN APO 20X, NA 0.8 ; 40X, NA 0.95
Label Identification1D and 2D barcode

Slide Viewer

Key Features

High precision scanner with 20 slides capacity

Multiple models to meet the needs of different users

High speed and High quality at the same time

Better contrast and reduction, thanks to LED light source and enhanced image algorithms

High Resolution: Up to 0.17μm/pixel

Automatic detection of samples, one click to run, very easy to use

Speed: Less than 45 seconds per slide(for an average 15mm×15mm scan area)

Multi-view: Up to 9 slides on a screen

1D and 2D barcode recogonization

Multiple scanning modes: Single layer, Z-stack, Mulit-layer fusion

Automatic removal of impurities from samples

Compatible with Sakura stainer basket

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